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The St. Hugh’s High School Alumnae Association is an Atlanta-based 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization that was founded over 25 years ago. Our primary focus is to support the interests of past and present students of our alma mater, St. Hugh’s High School, for girls, which is located in Kingston, Jamaica. The Association also supports various educational projects in the Atlanta area such as providing back-to-school supplies and sponsoring the Caribbean Spelling Bee Competition.

The current student population at the school in Kingston is 1413 students, ranging from grades 7 to 13. The Atlanta chapter provides financial support for numerous projects including : the school’s free breakfast  program; supplies for the counseling department; welfare assistance for needy students, funding towards the school bus; equipment for science labs; renovation of the faculty lounge; equipment for the canteen; computers for the computer labs; books for the library and individual tuition, uniform scholarships and tablets for online learning.

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